Fossil fuels are outcomes of naturally accumulated and preserved remains of buried living organisms that were in existence for over a million years ago. Fossil fuels are not renewable because they take time to form and they vary in three types that is natural gas, oil and coal. Fossil fuel is a great source of energy since they come from living things. Although we use fossil fuel in our day to day life such as; when we are heating our homes and fueling our cars, there are drawbacks to burning fossil fuels on both the economy, people and the environment especially if they are burned.

Burning of fossil fuel is one of the crucial drawback on people’s health, the environment, and the economy. The disadvantages/draw backs of burning fossil fuels include:

It pollutes the environment – This is a major drawback since once the fuel is burnt it produces toxic acidic rain which affects plants, people and animals.
It is a health hazard -Once it is burned it emits toxic chemicals and gas that causes diseases such as lung cancer. asthma, respiratory infections and many more.
It is the route origin and source global warming.

Don’t burn fossil fuel excessively if you want your children and the children of your children to have a better life and future.